Welcome to the History of Music


We are doing a research on the history of music from 1600 onwards.

The main objectives of our project is as follows:

Provide others with a good understanding of the history of music.
Provide others with an in-depth study on the style (tonality, harmony, melody, texture and dynamics) of each period in music.
Introduce the instruments of each period in music.
Introduce the composers (and their works too) of each period in music.

We have chosen this topic because we think that music plays a very important role in history and ought to be known by all.

There are four important periods in music: The baroque period, the classical period, the romantic period and finally the modern period (20th Century). Each period has its own style of tonality, harmony, melody, texture and dynamics. There are also many different composers of different nationalities and instruments in the different periods. As biographies of the composers are not required and can be omitted without affecting the historical continuity, they are not included.

Each period in music mentioned will be accompanied by a short and brief introduction on the period.

Last Revised: 26/05/99